When to Stop Patching a Roof and Restore Instead

The most common dilemma for building owners and property managers when it comes to commercial roofs – when do you stop patching and start planning for a restoration or replacement?  Obviously, patching and repairing is going to be the less expensive option in the short term.  And if it is the first time the roof has leaked, then attempting to repair the leak is most likely going to be option #1.  Even with a second or third leak, it may be more cost-effective to repair depending on the significance of damage.  However, an aging roof can only be repaired for so long before it has to be replaced or restored.  Once the roof becomes brittle and starts to split, there is no patch that will permanently cure it.

Waiting too long to restore your roof can result in an unsafe condition in the building and an extremely high cost to fix the roof.  Consider this example that has happened to numerous building owners throughout the country.  A warehouse had repairs done to the roof every year for five years because the owner did not want to spend the money to replace the roof.  This is understandable as roof replacements are not cheap by any means (our roof restorations are 30-50% less expensive).  Unfortunately, the leaks were so persistent that the steel deck rusted through underneath the roof.  So, while at one time a relatively inexpensive restoration would have been a viable option, now the owner needed a complete tear off and even worse, a total replacement of the steel deck to make the building safe again.  Correcting this mistake will cost at least four times what a restoration would have been five years ago.  To make matters worse, if the building has tenants in it, replacing the deck may lead to terrible complications with the tenants down below.

We’re not saying it’s an easy decision, but knowing when to restore or replace your roof can save thousands of dollars down the road.  Even more money can be saved if you decide to restore your roof with Seamless Roofing rather than a total tear off and replacement.  If you’re not sure if it’s the right time or not, Seamless Roofing will gladly work with you and your budget to make the right decision.  We will recommend a solution in the best interest of the client, whether it’s a repair, restoration or even a replacement.


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