The Seamless Advantage

Seamless Roofing LLC specializes in Indianapolis roof repairs and new roof installation on commercial and industrial buildings. Located in Carmel, Indiana, we proudly serve Indianapolis and the surrounding areas as well as most of the Midwest (IN, IL, OH, KY, MI).

No Seams (#1 Cause of Roof Leaks)

Seamless Roofing LLC isn’t just another ordinary commercial roofing company. In fact, we’re one of the few of our kind in the area! Most companies will install a roof substrate that is made out of synthetic rubber, thermoplastic, metal, asphalt, etc. For the most part, these substrates will hold up fairly well for a certain period of time. However, there is one evident weakness with these roof types – they all have seams! The seams are where the rubber, for example, overlap when they install the multiple pieces on top of the roof. Over time, these seams will begin to break away, allowing water to enter and become a main cause of roof leaks. This is where Seamless Roofing comes in by eliminating the seams all together!


Roof Repair                                         Roof Repair


Seamless Roofing System

Seamless Roofing LLC utilizes the seamless roofing system – a monolithic coating system that is installed directly to your roof. The coatings are fluid-applied, fully-adhered, rubber-like, protective membranes that eliminate the seams and create a watertight shield over your existing roof substrate. Therefore, no more leaks through the seams of your existing roof, but that’s just the beginning of the advantages of a seamless roofing system.

Seamless Roofing offers several benefits and value that is realized not only at the time of the new roof installation, but many years down the road as well.

  • As much as 30% less expensive initially
  • As much as 50% less expensive over the life of the roof
  • Little to no roof removal and disposal
  • Little to no disruption or company                   downtime
  • High-quality products backed by warranties
  • Reduces energy costs by up to 40% by           reflecting the sun’s UV rays
  • Cool Roof tax deductions and credits
  • Minimizes expansion and contraction
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Cost-effective
  • Eliminates roof seams

It’s safe to say, Seamless Roofing LLC and seamless roofing systems are the most efficient and reliable option for roof repair and new roof installation. Save your company time and money by calling Seamless Roofing LLC for all your Indianapolis roof repair and new roof installation needs.

Don’t let the rain control your business. Contact Seamless Roofing at 317-550-0011 or contact us here to schedule an appointment for commercial roof repair or new roof installation.