Seamless Roofing LLC Services

The Indiana weather is finally starting to break which means one thing, the beginning of the rainy season. This is great news for our landscapes but not so much for our commercial roofs. The rain will begin to expose leaks and damages created by the cold weather, old age or unreliable roof substrates. Good news, Seamless Roofing LLC is here to fix any roof leaks by offering our services of roof repair and new roof installation. We specialize in Indianapolis roof repair and new roofs by utilizing our seamless roofing system. Not sure what a seamless roofing system entails? Find out here!


Commercial Roof Repair

Not every building needs a brand new roof installed and we recognize that. Perhaps your roof just has a small area that needs roof repair or maybe a new roof install can’t quite fit in the budget this year. Either way, Seamless Roofing wants to make sure your roof is free of leaks, so your business and employees can continue to be productive and successful. Seamless Roofing is confident we’ll be the only company you’ll need to call for a commercial roof leak.

Commercial Roof Installation

On the other hand, a small roof repair might not be enough to fix the damage created by your ordinary roof surface. Most likely, the seams have begun to rip apart or the roof has just reached the end of its useful life, and it is time to replace it. Roof replacement? That sounds expensive to remove, dispose and replace an entire roof, especially on large commercial buildings. However, with our seamless roofing system, there is no need to remove the current roof substrate. Seamless applies our coating system directly to your roof, making it stronger than when it was first installed. Not to mention, you’ll be saving 30-50% compared to replacing the roof. Check out some of the benefits of our new roof installation.

Free Commercial Roof Survey

Now, there’s always the possibility that you have no idea of the condition of your roof, and that’s ok! Seamless will gladly survey and inspect your existing roof and deliver a detailed report of it’s condition – containing pictures, roof details, thermal images (if necessary) and recommendations (if any) for roof repair or new roof installation. Take advantage of our services and give Seamless Roofing LLC a call for all your Indianapolis roof repair and new roof installation needs!

Visit our website for more information about Seamless Roofing LLC or give us a call at 317-721-1493 to schedule an appointment today!