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Proven Solutions for Lasting Results

Seamless Roofing LLC and seamless roofing systems provide numerous benefits to commercial property managers. Our roof systems have been successfully installed on millions of square feet of commercial and industrial buildings. Our systems utilize only the highest quality sealants, repair tapes, waterproofing, reinforcements and energy saving coatings. These time-tested combinations create a seamless and watertight membrane with tremendous durability and performance.

Satisfying Your Tenants

For many property owners, the roof is never discussed unless there is a problem. Unfortunately, a leaking roof can lead to unhappy tenants, declining rental or lease income and lost profits. Seamless Roofing LLC can prevent all of these from happening by installing our product. During installation, seamless roofing systems are less disruptive to tenants since there is limited removal and disposal of your current roof. This will allow them to stay productive while the new roof is being installed – eliminating complaints.

Lower Costs

Our seamless roofing system is typically 30% less expensive for the initial solution compared to ordinary roof types – EPDM, TPO, PVC, etc. Not only that, but over the life of the roof, our system is typically 50% less expensive than the other roof types. In addition, seamless roofing systems have high reflective properties which allows them to reflect the sun’s damaging UV rays up to 90%. As a result, the building will have less heat gain which will lower utility costs.

In most cases, seamless roofing systems are considered maintenance and can be expensed in the accounting period in which they are incurred. On the other hand, a roof replacement, such as EPDM, TPO, PVC, is a capital asset that must be amortized over a 39 year life. Also, in some instances, the owner may be able to pass a portion of the cost of the roof to the tenants. Seamless roofing systems are able to save property managers and owners money without sacrificing quality.

Roof Temperatures

Roof temps on 90 degree, clear sky day


Benefits to Property Managers:

  • Simpler installation process, so easier for you to ensure quality
  • Less disruption to tenants, so you receive fewer complaints
  • Save the owner money
  • Lower initial cost and lower lifetime cost
  • Reduces costs of utilities
  • Energy Star approved & LEED credits
  • Tax deductible for owner
  • Pass through as common area maintenance