Are “Cool Roofs” Worth It in the Midwest?

In recent years, not only individuals but businesses have been pressured to become more environmentally conscious in order to preserve the eco-system.  LEED has been at the forefront for advocating eco-friendly policies for businesses and building owners.  They have been instrumental in decreasing the environmental footprint of many businesses around the country.  However, saving the environment often comes with additional costs.  With the bottom line being a top priority for many businesses and building owners, they must contemplate whether spending additional funds on eco-friendly initiatives is worth it to them.

When it comes to “Cool Roofs,” like elastomeric coatings, it has been almost a no-brainer to install them in the southern regions of the country.  With the reflective properties of the coating, it reflects the sun’s UV rays up to 90%.  This greatly reduces the heat gain into the building and can reduce energy costs up to 40-50% in the southern states.  The energy savings alone can recoup the cost of the roof restoration in 3-5 years.  Not only that, but there are “Cool Roof” tax credits and deductions that can save thousands of dollars.  A “Cool Roof” also earns building owners LEED credits toward their certification.  Even if you do not have any roof leaks, it still makes sense to install a “Cool Roof” in southern states like Florida.

However, what about spending thousands of dollars on a “Cool Roof” in a state like Indiana?  The amount of heating days in Indiana are far below the amount of heating days in Florida.  The elastomeric coating will still reflect the same 90% of the sun’s rays but the reduction of energy costs most likely will not equal the same 40-50%.  There are just not enough hot days in Indiana compared to a southern state like Florida.  So, is it really worth it to install an elastomeric roof coating on a roof in Indiana?

Cool Roofs

This does not constitute as a “green” or “cool” roof.

The answer – yes!  Savings are savings so whether it is 50% or 10%, you are still going to save money on energy costs.  Not only that, there are many other benefits to this system than just energy savings.  The fluctuation of weather temperatures in Indiana causes major expansion and contraction on traditional roof types – EPDM, TPO, metal, BUR, etc.  This will cause the seams to tear apart and water to enter.  An elastomeric coating is able to stretch and return to its original state at a much higher rate, so expansion and contraction is greatly reduced.  In addition, an elastomeric coating restoration turns the existing roof into a seamless, monolithic substrate.  There are no seams, which is where 90% of roof leaks occur.  The amount of days with rain or precipitation in areas like Indiana are extremely high.  Therefore, limiting the number of areas that water can enter the building is vital.  Once Seamless Roofing installs an elastomeric coating, there should be no place for water to enter the roof.  Furthermore, the reflectivity will make the roof itself much cooler, so HVAC units will be under less heat stress.  This will increase energy savings and reduce the maintenance required on the units.

A roof restoration involves limited removal and disposal of the current roof.  Only damaged sections of the membrane and insulation will be removed.  This not only reduces what is sent to the landfill, but reduces the total cost as well.  Since there is limited removal, there will be no downtime to the operations below.  Again, saving the business more money by allowing the employees to stay productive.  Lastly, the total cost of a roof restoration performed by Seamless Roofing is far less than a total tear-off and re-roof of a traditional product – EPDM, TPO, metal, BUR, etc.  If your roof is near the end of its useful life or has leaks, not only is a roof restoration less expensive, it comes with a myriad of benefits compared to a traditional re-roof.


When it’s time to make a change with your current roof, consider a roof restoration to extend the life of your roof at a fraction of the cost of a roof replacement.

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