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Cool Roof Coating Market: Upcoming Demands and Growth Analysis 2017 – 2025

  Cool Roof Technology can save you thousands of dollars a year in utility costs! Seamless Roofing has installed hundreds of thousands of square feet of cool roofing and, as a result, have saved our clients thousands of dollars! Seamless…
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Earn LEED Credits With a “Cool Roof”

Back two to three decades ago, when many of today’s commercial roofs were installed, not much thought was put into environmentally-friendly roof substrates.  Many of the roofs installed were dark in color, contained tar, asphalt and other harmful products to…
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Are “Cool Roofs” Worth It in the Midwest?

In recent years, not only individuals but businesses have been pressured to become more environmentally conscious in order to preserve the eco-system.  LEED has been at the forefront for advocating eco-friendly policies for businesses and building owners.  They have been…
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