Why Seamless Roofing?

New Roof Installation

Seamless Roofing fluid applied roofing systems offer several benefits and value that is realized not only at the time of the new roof installation, but many years down the road as well. Compared to our competition, Seamless Roofing fluid applied roofing systems outperform in a variety of ways, including time and cost savings, building and employee downtime, utility savings, and environmental friendliness!


 TPO/EPDM/PVCSeamlessAverage Savings
Initial Cost (per sq. ft.)$4.00 to $6.00$2.00 to $4.5030%
Year 15 Cost (per sq. ft.)$4.00 to $10.00$2.0060%
Year 30 Cost (per sq. ft.)$4.00 to $10.00$2.0060%
Total Lifetime Cost$12.00 to $26.00$6.00 to $8.5050%
Energy SavingsStatus QuoUp to 40%Up to 40%
DowntimeUp to 2 monthsNone100%
Speed2-16 weeks2-6 weeks50%

The choice is clear, Seamless Roofing LLC and seamless roofing fluid applied roofing systems are the most efficient and high performance option for roof repair and new roof installation. Save your company time and money by calling Seamless Roofing LLC for all your commercial and industrial roofing needs.


Before Roof CoatingNew Roof Installation