Who is Seamless Roofing LLC?

Seamless Roofing LLC specializes in commercial roof repair and new roof installation by utilizing a monolithic, fluid-applied coating system. We have over a decade of Indianapolis commercial roof repair and coatings experience. Seamless Roofing provides several benefits to building owners, property managers, commercial brokers as well as facility managers looking to impress. Our goal is to save customers money without sacrificing quality. Located in Indianapolis, we proudly service the entire state and surrounding areas (IN, IL, OH, KY, MI).

What are Seamless Roofing Systems?

Seamless roofing systems (“monolithic coating systems”) are fully-adhered, fluid-applied roofing membranes that have elastic properties allowing them to stretch and return to their original state without damage – unlike ordinary roofing systems.  The coatings are rubber-like protective membranes that can be installed to any clean, dry and mechanically sound substrate including built-up, single-ply, asphalt, modified bitumen, concrete, polyurethane foam or metal, just to name a few.

Seamless roofing systems are 100% waterproof, renewable, reflective and less expensive than most ordinary roofing systems. Our roofing systems are more reliable than other roofing options because they eliminate the seams where roof panels meet, and the gaps around roof penetrations and flashings, HVAC units, skylights, drains, vent pipes, fasteners, etc. This means no more leaks caused by unreliable seams, so you can avoid the property damage and company downtime that comes with irritating roof leaks.

Seamless Roof Repair



Seamless roofing systems are the fastest growing segment of the roofing industry because it offers building owners a cost-effective solution without sacrificing quality. Seamless Roofing installs directly to your roof to create a new watertight membrane that eliminates the seams and reflects the sun’s heat. Once installed, your new seamless roof is superior to the original roof when it was first installed.

Indianapolis commercial roof repair                              Indianapolis commercial roof repair


Seamless Roofing LLC offers advantages unmatched in the industry:

  • Our new roofs are as much as 30% less expensive initially
  • Our new roofs are as much as 50% less expensive over the life of the roof
  • Our new roofs and roof repairs do not have seams – the major source of leaks
  • Our new roofs reduce energy costs, paying for themselves in as little as 3 years
  • The installation of our new roofs creates little to no disruption
  • Our new roofs and roof repairs utilize high-quality, proven products that are backed by an all-inclusive, materials and labor warranty up to 20 years
  • Our new roofs and roof repairs work with all existing roof types